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    Properly insulating your home or workspace can be one of the most effective ways to cut your energy bills during those cold winter months at Polar Bear Insulation we work for both residential and business consumers across every industry.


    Our experience in the sector and ability to offer services across the whole of the South West has made us one of the leading roofing insulation companies in the region.


    We use the latest spray foam insulation technology Icynene on all projects, this type of insulation helps control airflow within a building and provides a warm environment in the winter.


    The insulated barrier created by this specialist product also helps keep your home cool during those hot summer months, all round this is a brilliant development is homecare technology.


    Before we apply our insulation we also take the time to carry out remedial repairs on your roof, this helps ensure that you get the most from your roof insulation.



    Icynene Insulation is the most effective and advanced form of insulation for your property.


    Our qualified installers use specialised equipment to spray foam over the required areas, which then rapidly expands to create an effective barrier against outside elements.


    We have provided Icynene Insulation to domestic and commercial properties of every size.

    Our professional Icynene installers spray the Icynene foam over the chosen areas.


    This foam quickly expands to over 100 times its original size, covering every spot and gap.


    The foam then hardens to form a solid insulation barrier that will not move or sag over time, making it the most cost-effective insulation solution on the market.

    Save Money

    Stop wasting money on big heating bills ....

    Reduce Air Pollution

    Block out airborn pollutants that can be bad for your health ....

    Reduces Drafts & Noise

    Keep the heat in and the noise out ....

    Protects Your Home

    Enhance structural integrity and keep moisture out ....


    John W

    I have already seen a big drop to my energy bills and am very happy to have chosen Polar Bear to install Icynene foam in my roof.

    The service provided was excellent and at a good price.

    Highly recommended!

    Suzy B

    We are really pleased that we chose Icynene insulation as we have already noticed fewer draughts and a big reduction in external noise.


    Polar Bears price was very competitive and they carried out the work on time !


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